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Art and culture enrich life in many ways and are very close to our hearts. At many places in and around our hotel you will encounter paintings and sculptures by local artists. Painted or created from very different materials and with very different intentions. If you like these works of art, you will have the opportunity to visit these artists and other galleries, studios and blacksmiths within a radius of a few kilometres.

Short portraits of the artists can be found below. Further information is available on their joint website If you are particularly interested in a person, please click on the name to go to the respective website.

Note: We have compiled information and addresses of museums and collections in the region below.

Art forge

Always worth a visit: the Schütte blacksmith's shop at the end of Oberkirchen. Here you will find masterfully crafted bronze and copper figures, fountains and lamps, which would certainly adorn your house or garden. You can think about this directly on site - in the café of the historic "Black Factory".


Klaus-Peter Kappest

With passion and caution, with the courage to face the truth, with the patience to wait for perfection that nature gives him, he captures it: the moment. In his photographs Klaus Peter Kappest focuses on the natural compositions of light and shadow, colour and tristesse. From freely moving to static, he creates photographic perspectives that are magical. And this does not only apply to his favourite places in Scandinavia and the Sauerland.

He has a long-standing friendship with the Hotel Schütte. His photos from Oberkirchen can be seen in various corridors and rooms. He regularly offers photo workshops and live multivisions from the world around Oberkirchen at the hotel. Individual photo training courses for guests of the house are also possible.

Björn Buses & Stefanie Schenk Buses

Björn Busse and Stefanie Schenk-Busse show extraordinary metal works in the smithy, in the gallery and in the sculpture park on their farm Visbeck near Meschede, such as water and wall objects, sculptures for indoors and outdoors, furniture or even funeral art. Also to be seen in the gallery: Wall objects, painting, photography and illustrations by designer Stefanie Schenk-Busse. Visitors are welcome on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekends on "good luck" or by telephone appointment.

Lothar Klute

According to old fathers' custom, Lothar Klute forges metal masterpieces. His giant bronze dragonflies, leaves, flowers and fountains have made him famous. His tables and illuminated objects made of lead crystal glass and bronze bear an inimitable signature. Visit his smithy with glassworks and sculpture park in the Waldemei between Low and Middle Morpe. They will succumb to the spell that surrounds this place of activity. Guests are welcome from April to October every Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Groups of more than 10 people are requested to register.

Martin & Anne Vollmert

You have a weakness for glass art? So are we, as some of our rooms show. If you would like to meet the creators of these works: Martin Vollmert and his wife Anne have their workshop for glass design in the historic centre of Schmallenberg, on Weststraße 33, where the two of them design and realise impressively beautiful glass refinement works for interior and exterior use as well as wall objects made of opaque and opal glass. Visitors are welcome on weekdays.

Hans Walter Schneider

Do you love the reduction to the essential? Then visit the gallery and workshop of Hans-Walter Schneider in Bad Fredeburg. Mr. Schneider has specialized in modern metal design and designs and manufactures fountains and sculptures in stainless steel and colored titanium, but also in stainless steel and bronze. Furthermore wall objects as collages of different metals and plastically formed linen in painted structures.

Gabriele Schulz

You will encounter simple, austere, straightforward objects and sculptures made of wood, brushwood, slate and other stone in the studio of the sculptor Gabriele Schulz on Leostraße in Schmallenberg. Completed but invisibly formed, they evoke sensations, memories and thoughts of places in a life and at the same time radiate an infinite tranquillity. The studio is open by appointment.

Excursion destinations in the Sauerland

The Sauerland offers you many destinations for your leisure time. Visit historic castles and palaces, swim in numerous adventure pools, learn about churches and monasteries or go shopping.

In the following we present you some destinations that will put the cherry on your holiday.

Fun & Sports

Do you already know DiscGolf? In this new trend sport, young and old play a frisbee instead of a ball, with as few throws as possible over a given course. In Bad Fredeburg on 18 tracks of up to 112 m length.

The Kappe adventure mountain in Winterberg with its panorama adventure bridge, summer toboggan run, climbing forest and bike park is also worth a visit. You will find it directly adjacent to the artificial ice bobsleigh track, which, by the way, you can race down in the taxi bob at up to 120 km/h on winter days.


Dream panoramas and beautiful villages await you on the 102 km long Hochsauerland-Höhenstraße, which connects the Medebacher Bucht, the Ferienwelt Winterberg and the Schmallenberger Sauerland. Our tip for all those who like to discover the most beautiful corners of their holiday destination on a scenic drive. Let's start at our front door. Maps are available at the reception desk.

Castles & Palaces

Over the centuries, weather and border disputes have put an end to most of the stately buildings in the Sauerland. But the baroque castle of the Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg princely family in Bad Berleburg, 24 km away, shines in all its splendour. Classical concerts by internationally renowned artists take place here on a regular basis. Some rooms of the castle inhabited by the family can be visited daily at 10.30 and 14.30 in summer. They show parts of the princely art collection with portraits of the Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg family, rich collections of weapons, hunting equipment and trophies as well as uniforms of the princely house. Particularly worth seeing are also the numerous porcelains and engraved glasses from German manufactories of the 18th century, the stucco ceilings of some rooms and a large number of pieces of furniture.

Berleburg Castle is also the centre of the historic old town. A walk through the castle park with its old trees and the historic old town round off the visit. In the winter half year the guided tours take place on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 14.30. Group tours are always possible by appointment.

Adventure pools

The SauerlandBad in Bad Fredeburg, 9 km away, offers slides, counter-current system, adventure area, outdoor pool, sauna landscape and much more. Your children are guaranteed to have a great time with a visit!

Museums & Collections

Love of the local history and voluntary commitment have led to the creation of many small museums and collections in our region. The overview on the website of our central guest information gives you an up-to-date overview of the many offers.


Fancy a walk through millions of years of earth history? In Attendorn the queen of the German stalactite caves, the Attahöhle, awaits you. Hundreds of thousands descend through the 80-metre long access tunnel every year and are fascinated by the colourful world of stalactites, stalagmites and stalagmates on a 40-minute guided tour. A little smaller and closer, but no less impressive is the Warsteiner Bilstein Cave. A guided tour here lasts about 30 minutes.

Theme Parks

Our two regional leisure parks offer you thrills and nature experiences. While the adventure land Fort Fun at Bestwig Waterfall specialises in rides, shows and musical events in the saloon of the western town, the panorama park Wildpark Sauerland in Lennestadt-Kirchhundem combines entertainment with nature experiences. In addition to various rides, young and old alike can look forward to game enclosures with wolves, lynx, bison, otters, wild and fallow deer and a show of birds of prey.

You can also indulge in childhood memories at the Elspe Festival in Lennestadt-Elspe, where the heroes Karl Mays have their adventures on stage every summer. With breathtaking rides and stunts as well as spectacular pyrotechnics a must for all fans of Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and - what was the full name of this Hadschi Halef Omar?

During the pre-Christmas period, a winter fairy tale is performed annually in the adjoining event hall.

Churches & Monasteries

The Schmallenberg village of Wormbach is considered the original parish of the Sauerland. In 1072 it was placed under the newly founded monastery of Grafschaft. The Romanesque church of St. Peter and Paul in Wormbach dates from the 13th century. Worth seeing is its representation of the 12 signs of the zodiac in the central nave, which is rare in European church painting. The organ from the 15th century is also important. It is the oldest Westphalian pipe organ and is played not only during church services but also at the famous Wormbach summer concerts.

Only two kilometres away St. Cyriakus in Berghausen is worth a visit. The Romanesque fortified church with its culturally and historically significant medieval frescoes and wall paintings from the 13th century was built around 1220.

The Kloster Grafschaft monastery in the district of the same name has had a decisive influence on the development of the region. Until secularisation in 1804 it was a Benedictine abbey. In 1948 the Borromean women took over the plant. As the successor community of the Silesian Congregation, Grafschaft is today a mother house of this order, which operates the renowned specialist pulmonary clinic Fachkrankenhaus Kloster Grafschaft here. In the museum room liturgical equipment, vestments, relics and books from the monastery library are exhibited, which give an insight into the Benedictine or Borromean culture of the monastery. In the cloister of the monastery there are also paintings and stone fragments from the monastery church, which was demolished in 1832.

Observation towers

The best views over the land of a thousand mountains can be enjoyed from the observation tower on the 658 m high Wilzenberg near Grafschaft (approx. 4 km) Visible ramparts document its history as a pagan place of worship.

The Kahle Asten near Winterberg (approx. 15 km) is the most famous Sauerland mountain. From its viewing platform at a height of 868 m you can see as far as Feldberg and Brocken on a clear day. A small but fine exhibition on history, nature reserve and weather station is also worth a visit.


Shopping in peace during your holiday! You can do this to your heart's content in many well-assorted, mostly owner-managed specialist shops in Schmallenberg, Bad Fredeburg and Winterberg. In Winterberg, by the way, also on 40 Sundays a year.