Spa Lenneborn

A pleasure for body, mind and soul - but also for the eye. In our SPA area Lenneborn you will find a wonderful place to relax. Enjoy its harmoniously flowing architecture and treat yourself to soothing massages and caring cosmetics. Here you vitalize your own sources of strength - simply by thinking only of yourself for once.

Opening hours
Mon - Sat | 9.30 hrs to 18.30 hrs
Sundays by arrangement

Please reserve dates by calling 02975 82-561.


Our facial treatments let you shine!

Classic facial treatment

Preserve the tried and tested: Cleaning, peeling, cleansing of the skin, mask and final care.

45 minutes | 55,00 €

Pampering facial

Targeted care for sensitive skin. Cleansing, peeling, skin cleansing, facial neck and décolleté massage, mask, final care.

60 minutes | 69,00 €

Dewy facial

Cleansing, peeling, skin cleansing, active ingredient ampoule, facial-neck and décolleté massage, mask with collagen fleece, final care.

90 minutes | 105,00 €

Radiating moments

Eyebrow correction | 8,00 €

Eyebrow tinting | 8,00 €

Eyelash tinting | 15,00 €

Eyebrows and eyelashes tinting incl. eyebrow correction | 29,00 €

Intensive eye treatment

For a youthful, radiant appearance around the eyes. Effective against lines, wrinkles, eye shadows and puffiness.

20 minutes | 29,00 €

Intensive care treatment for neck & décolleté

With immediately noticeable firming effect and to smooth the skin.

45 minutes | 55,00 €

Cosnobell-Exclusive treatment "Radiant beauty

This highly effective anti-ageing care line, state-of-the-art with intensive active ingredients, enchants the skin and gives it youthfulness and freshness.

Hydraporin-cell-active moisturizing treatment

Provides optimum moisture, promotes a youthful appearance and successfully counteracts the signs of time. Cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, massage, mask, final care.

70 minutes | 99,00 €

Tips & tricks

Make-up advice and make-up according to type.

30 minutes | 25,00 €

Hair Removal

Upper lip | 7,00 €

Chin and upper lip | 12,00 €

Lower leg | 30,00 €

Teenager treatment

For the needs of young skin. Cleansing, peeling, cleaning of skin impurities, mask and final care.

45 minutes | 49,00 €

Teloplatin basic treatment

Cleaning, peeling, massage, mask, final care.

60 minutes | 89,00 €


Exceptional & intensive anti-aging treatment

The special active complex delays the skin aging process directly on the cell. Cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, massage, collagen fleece mask and final care.

105 minutes | 189,00


Do something good for body and soul. From head to toe.

Basic salt oil body massage

Basic salt mixed with pure, organic oil cleans, smoothes and deacidifies the body skin.

60 minutes | 75,00 €

Aroma body massage

Enjoy a soothing, relaxing full body massage with an aroma of your choice.

50 minutes | 65,00 €

Foot and leg massage

The optimal relaxation after a hike, a treat for feet and legs.

25 minutes | 30,00 €

Tahiti Tiare

Full body wellness massage

Leads you to an extraordinary wellness massage and pampers the whole body with intensive care.

60 minutes | 75,00 €

South Sea Magic

Full body wellness massage

Relaxing massage with a very nourishing massage butter with the fresh scent of mango fruit.

50 minutes | 70,00 €

Relaxing head massage

Pampering massage, drives away tiredness, relieves stress and gives you moments of relaxation.

15 minutes | € 19.00

Hot stone massage

Antistress and a very special kind of wellness experience. The holistic relaxation for skin and senses is the focus here.

A pleasantly relaxing massage with warm stones along the energy pathways of the body, leading to a pleasant body massage with warm oil.

60 minutes | 79,00 €


Ayurveda treatments serve to eliminate metabolic waste products, vitalise the body regions and support the regeneration processes. Pure sesame and almond oil pamper the senses.

Ayurveda full body massage
60 min. | 70,00 €

Ayurveda full body massage with foot bath, head and facial massage
110 min. | 130,00 €

Viol Active Therapy

This unique oxygen massage releases tension and stimulates cell regeneration. Thanks to the warming Viol thermal oil, joints, skin and muscles regain more mobility.

Viol Therm partial body
25 min | 35,00 €

Viol Active full body
50 min. | 69,00 €

Vital back and neck massage

with orange or lemon oil, relaxes and loosens stressed muscles.

25 min. | 30,00 €

Especially for our young guests

Chocolate children's massage and a little surprise at the end.

20 min. | 20,00 €

Other applications

With applications, massages and packs specially tailored to your needs, we ensure a very special pampering experience.

Perfekte Welle

WaveMotion Behandlung

Wellness pur auf Wolke 7/ Körperpackung/ Himmlisch schlafen


WaveMotion treatment

Really letting go, surrendering to movement - this is possible in the water. And on our unique WaveMotion treatment couch: you float on it as if in water, without getting wet, and thus experience the deepest relaxation through lying in motion. During this relaxation, your body is treated in a swinging and floating manner with gentle rotating and swinging impulses, which in turn has a mobilising and vitalising effect on your entire body. Also possible with clothes on.

Experience and body treatment on the floating couch for skin like velvet and silk. The body wrap is individually tailored to you. A mixture of fragrance, care, massage and weightlessness offers you pure relaxation in the storm of time. You will feel lighter than ever.

Cleanses and polishes the skin: the fine granulation of the salt provides a massage, the skin becomes smooth and soft to the touch. Optimal preparation for every further body treatment.

20 Min. | 25,00 €
40 Min. | 45,00 €
60 Min. | 69,00 €

30 Min. | 25,00 € ohne Packung
30 Min. | ab 45,00 € mit Packung

30 Min. | 35,00 €


"Men power" facial

Freshness, strength and power for the skin. Cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, facial massage and final care.

45 minutes | 50,00 €

"Men energy facial

Makes tired men's skin feel better - energy kick and vitality for the skin. Neck massage, cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, facial massage, mask and final care.

80 minutes | 95,00 €

Men power package for the back

Pure relaxation for new strength and vitality. Intensive back massage including a back fango pack.

50 minutes | 59,00 €

Wellness Hand Care

Classic manicure with hand bath and massage.

40 minutes | 35,00 €

Additional: Nail polish 10,00 € (you may take along)

Wellness foot care

Classic foot care: foot bath, shorten nails, remove calluses and foot massage.

40 minutes | 39,00 €

Additional: Nail polish 10,00 € (you may take along)


Revitalise your feet and legs after a long hike through the Sauerland forests: with a foot bath, a foot and leg pack followed by a massage.

50 minutes | 55,00 €

Relaxation baths

Immerse yourself and experience vitalising relaxation and revitalising baths in the spa of our Wellness Hotel in the Sauerland.

Romanticism coloured light bath

A short holiday for body and soul through relaxation and soothing warmth. Our relaxation and aroma baths are individually selected to suit your needs and mood.

We serve a glass of tea or a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail with our baths.

Choose your addition between:

  • "Restful moments": Pomegranate & Orange scent
  • "Deep relaxation": Orchid & vanilla scent
  • "Sensual Time Off": Coconut & Lily scent
  • "A Portion of Tranquility": Lavender & YlangYlang

30 min | 35,00 €
60 min | 60,00 €
(2 persons)

Relaxation & revitalisation baths

Soothing warmth and relaxation for the whole body: Our relaxation and revitalisation baths are individually adapted to your needs and the season.

30 minutes | 35,00 €

Private spa and relaxation oasis

In our SPA Suite you can relax completely undisturbed and enjoy space and time as a true luxury, alone or with a partner. Treat yourself to this special all-round pleasure with a sparkling glass of sparkling wine and small culinary delicacies prepared for you according to your taste.

1 person

Relax all by yourself in the private wellness oasis of our wellness hotel.

2 pampering hours | 135,00 €
each additional pampering hour | 45,00 €

2 persons

Relax with your partner for two in our private wellness oasis.

3 pampering hours | 215,00 €